Moving to Dublin with Pets

Moving to Dublin with Pets

Our pets are part of the family, in particular, our beloved pouches!

Often that means, if the family are relocating to a new country the dog must come too.  Travelling with pets isn’t easy however, there are companies who can transport your pet for you dealing with the relevant airline and customs requirements.  The Regulations can be daunting.

This however, is only part of the process. Most people overlook the fact the most rental properties in Dublin do not allow pets.  This is in no means an insurmountable problem but it requires some diplomacy, tact and actually building a case for your pet.  Personal references, photos and previous landlords references are all part of the “pack” of documentation that may be required to allow your family dog into your new home.

Having moved to Dublin with our Cockerpoo in 2015 we have first hand experience on how to manage the issue.  Since then,  we have helped several families find a Dublin home suitable for ALL members of their family.

21 December 2020