Dublin Schools Search

Moving to a new country can be especially difficult for children.  Every parent that I have worked with worries about the academic, social and personal effects of a big move on their children.  Finding the right school for your child is half the battle as that is where most of their social connections will be made. We can help you evaluate school options, advise on their individual ethos and provide guidance to help you select the right option for your children.  

How it works

We research schools, talk to Admissions clerks and come up with a short list of options and a realistic assessment of the availability of places at these schools.

We arrange for a suitable time for you to visit Dublin and escort you on a “tour” of the short listed schools.

We are then available to you and your family to answer any questions you need to ask to ensure you have all the information required to select the best school(s) for your children.

We then arrange for offers to be sent from the schools and help co ordinate the paperwork required to secure the places you want for your children.

We believe that the combination of personal experience and access to a comprehensive network of local people puts us in the unique position to add value to any client’s relocation to Dublin. The opportunity to speak to the right people provides clients with the information they need to make informed decisions that ultimately make a relocation a successful one.