Relocation Stories written by Teens for Teens – Episode 2 – Moving from Surrey, England to Dublin

I was nine years old when I found out we were leaving Reigate, our hometown of five years. My reaction wasn’t quite what you would expect, no tears or anger, I was upset to leave my friends and the memories I had made. However, those feelings were cancelled out by my excitement of exploring a new place and meeting new people. I went to school the next day and told my two best friends the news, we were all so sad. Looking back at that moment, we were stupid to think we would lose touch, when I visit them now, it’s as if I never left. 

I don’t remember our moving day very well; I remember the bittersweet goodbyes to all my friends and teachers. I remember boarding a ferry from Holly head. The ferry made everyone feel seasick, possibly from a combination of our excitement and the huge waves. We arrived in Dublin and went straight to Edie Rockets for dinner and discussed the changes we would experience over the next few months. I remember being particularly excited about living beside the sea. This is still my favorite part about Dublin.  

From someone who has experienced being the new kid at a school in Dublin, I would advise you not to stress and worry. I was scared going into it but after a few days, I had settled in as all my classmates and teachers were so kind and understanding. 

2nd March 2022

19 January 2023