Pre Relocation Research Consultation

I am repeatedly asked the same questions by families in the early stages of their research into a possible relocation to Dublin.

How does the quality of family life in Dublin compare?

Where would we live?  What are the characteristics of the various Dublin neighbourhoods?

How does the school system work?

“Now you’ve been living in Dublin for 6 years what do you see as the most important pros and cons of living here”

At this early stage in the relocation process there is often a high level of frustration about the lack of impartial information.   Many people have well-meaning family and friends in or around Dublin who insist their town is the best place to live. 

Local Line is now offering a full 1 hour consultancy by Phone or Zoom for families or individuals in the early stages of deciding if Dublin is right for them.  We can talk through the areas from north to south, discuss what each has to offer, talk about how the school system works, how much you will need to budget for a family home or a city centre apartment.  We also cover all the general questions that arise on health insurance, bank accounts, administration. 

We believe that the combination of personal experience and access to a comprehensive network of local people puts us in the unique position to add value to any client’s relocation to Dublin. The opportunity to speak to the right people provides clients with the information they need to make informed decisions that ultimately make a relocation a successful one.